Bariloche - Rob van Praat


We didn't have any concrete plans when we arrived in Bariloche. We just decided what to do on the spot.


Bariloche is located in the 'lake district' of Argentina. We rented a car and drove the 7 lake route.

7 lake route

On our last day in Bariloche we had an excursion to Puerto Blest by boat as we couldn't find anything else do to.

Thoe boat trip took quite long (over one hour) but we did have some nice views. We apparently were the only two non-Spanish speaking toursist on the boat of like +100 people. So we got a very short summary of everything that was told in Spain...

When the boat docked at Puerto Blest we first walked to a few waterfalls. The trail was fully paved by a wooden construction with many stairs.

Puerto Blest

Waterfalls at Puerto Blest

Furthermore we walked through a 'cold jungle'.

Cold jungle

Going back by boat to Bariloche

After Bariloche we flew back to Buenos Aires to get on another flight to Iguazu to watch the famous waterfalls.

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