El Calafate - Rob van Praat

El Calafate

To our surprise we had seats on the first row of the airplane, business class. Too bad the flight was only 1,5 hours.

After landing at the airport of El Calafate we were brought to our hotel a few hundred meters outside the town. El Calafate turned out to be a very touristic town. The main street mainly consists of restaurant and tourist shops. We didn't spot any other entertainment.

There's (only) one reason to come to El Calafate and that's visiting glaciers, the Perito Moreno Glacier to be more precise. 

The next day we were picked up at our hotel for our excursion to the glacier.

Perito Moreno Glacier

Part of our excursion was a guided walking tour on the glacier itself. This was really impressive. At the end we got a surprise, whiskey on the rocks with ice from the glacier.

Guided tour on the Perito Moreno Glacier

After the guided tour on the glacier we visited the visitor balcony. From here you can get really close to the glacier as well and have a nice overview on both sides of the glacier.

Views from the balcony

We were two days in El Calafate and initially the second day nothing was planned. But as there wasn't much to see in El Calafate itself we booked an excursion to El Chanten which was approximately a 200km drive.

El Chantén

First we visited a waterfall just outside El Chantén, Chorrillo Del Salto.

Chorrillo Del Salto

After the waterfall we picked up our lunch and started to hike a trail which would give us a nice view on the Fitz Roy. Unfortunately it was very cloudy at the mountain. We weren't able to see it; it should be somehwere in the clouds on the third photo. Nonetheless it was a nice trail.

Hiking trail

Back in the van the clouds cleared up a bit, so we could see Fitz Roy from a far distance.

Fitz Roy

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