Iguazu - Rob van Praat


Iguazú was our last stop of our honeymoon. Our hotel was located near the three borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

The first day we had a private guide to visit the Iguazú falls from the Argentinean side. The tour took approximately 8 hours and very interesting and beautiful. And I still don't understand where the enormous amount of water keeps coming from, so much water. Especially the Devil's Throat.

Iguazú falls

We also walked a short trail to a smaller waterfall.

Unknown waterfall

The next day we went to see the waterfalls from the Brazilian side. This was a much shorter tour, as there's not as much to see. But it's much more touristic! The tour was approximately 4 hours. It shouldn't have been much longer, because it started raining heavily. On the other side we were already wet from visiting the devils throat again.

Brazilian side

We had the plan to relax the last day at the hotel, at the poolside. However, it turned out to be bad weather until approximately 16:00. But then the sun became visible and we were able to relax. We stayed at the pool until the sun set.

The following and last day we were picked up from the hotel and dropped at the hotel in Iguazú on the Brazilian side. From here we flew to Sao Paolo. From Sao Paolo we had a direct connection back home, to the Netherlands.

We were extremely lucky, as the plane was almost empty. We both had 4 chairs for ourselved, so we could sleep much better. The only unfortunate thing was that there was quite some turbulence, which required us to put on our seat belts and that made the laying less comfortable.

Empty plane

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