Torres del Paine - Rob van Praat

Torres del Paine

This was the main reason to plan our honeymoon to South America, Torres del Paine. Very expensive, but worth every cent. We wouldn't mind going back here again. It's a beautiful national park (in Chile)!

Getting there is a bit more challenging. We rented a 4x4 in El Calafate and drove into Chile to get here. There's hardly any facilities, like gas stations.

Boarder crossing between Argentina and Chile

From El Calafate we first drove all the way down to Puerto Natales.

Puerto Natales

From Puerto Natales we drove up towards our first hotel inside the park

Drive towards Lago Grey

Our hotel was located on Lago Grey. It was a beautiful hotel; a shame we only stayed there for one night. We had the best view from our hotel room, when looking carefully in the distance we could see they Grey Glacier.

View from the hotel room

The next day we took a boat excursion to the glacier. The wind on the boat was really strong and also very cold. Our eyes started to tear because of it. We sailed between the ice rocks and approached the glacier very closely, we went to each of the three tongues of the glacier.

Grey glacier

After the boat ride we walked towards the Mirador Lago Grey from where we had a nice view over the lake. As on the boat it was difficult if not impossible to stand completely vertical because of the strong wind.

Mirador Lago Grey

The next day we got into our car and drove to our next hotel, Hotel Las Torres. During the trip we passed some spectacular sights.

Random views

One of the things we visited was the Salto Grande (waterfall).

Salto Grande

From Salto Grande we walked down a path that gave us beautiful views. At the end of the path we enjoyed a spectacular view on the mountains.

In the full gallery there's many more photos.

Views from the path from Salto Grande

The next day we would walk up towards the Torres (Cordillera Paine)! This was the main thing we came for.

It's a full day round trip with nice views. The last hundred meters are very steep!  At the top there's  lake from where we had a great view at the Torres. Unfortunately it was quite foggy when we arrived. We waited for over an hour for the clouds to clear up. The did clear up a bit, but unfortunately not completely. Nonetheless it was worth every step as it was a wonderful experience.

The Torres / Cordillera Paine

Our last day in the Torres del Paine we did some hiking towards and took some nice photo's.

Random photos

During the day we had to drive back to El Calafate. The next day we had to hand in our car. The strong winds even caused the construction of the canvas that covered the back of the car broke during driving.

Photos from the trip back to El Calafate

The next day we handed in our car after paying for the damage (fortunately we had an insurance for this, but we had to arrange that from back home).

We were picked up from the hotel and dropped ar the airport for our flight towards Bariloche.

We recommend everyone to go to Torres del Paine. It's beautiful. As it's difficult to reach, not that touristic. And contrary to for example Igauzu it was much cleaner, no plastics or anything (f)lying around, while there we no garbage bins. The tourists here are very clean as all tourists should be everywhere.

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