Iceland - Rob van Praat


As our last holiday together as a couple - instead of a family - we chose Island as destination. It turned out to be a great choice!

We went in September 2018 for 11 days. My wife was pregnant for 26 weeks when we arrived. We rented a small 4x4 (Suzuki Jimny) to make sure we could go basically everywhere we wanted to go.  As for some roads a 4x4 is mandatory.

We mainly drove the ring road (road 1) with a one day trip to the Askja in the highlands. Here our 4x4 turned out to be necessary.

Our trip is described per day which you can check out by clicking the links below.

The pictures were taken with the following gear:

- Sony A6000

- Sony Nex C3

- Sony SEL 18-200

- Sony SEL 16-50

- Sony SEL 50/1.8

- Samyang 12/2.0

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