Iceland Day 10 - Rob van Praat

DAY 10


After a couple of days near the Myvatn lake we continued our journey down road 1. It felt like driving back to the airport as we really had to drive quite some distances in two days. It turned out to be quite ok, as there wasn't so much to see anymore. Especially compared to the south.

The first stop was the beautiful Goðafoss waterfall. It's next to the road and very easy to reach, both sides.


After Goðafoss we went to another maybe even more beautiful waterfall, Aldeyjarfoss. It really was wonderful!


After we were back on road 1 we had some amazing views as well, as you can see in the example on the right.

The rest of the day we visited the following places:

- Akureyri, the biggest city in the north of Iceland

- A small old church Viđimýrarkirkja (we were too late to go inside)

- Waterfall Reykjafoss, we arrived quite early at our guest house and had some time to kill. This waterfall was recommend by the staff.




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