Iceland Day 11 - Rob van Praat

DAY 11


The next day we continued our trip back to airport. This was a long drive, but fortunately there wasn't much to see.

I really wanted to see Hvítserkur, but we thought it was too far of road 1. So we skipped it. Back in Reykjavik we found out that we were only 10km away from it when we checked out Borgarvirki. We thought we were much further away. I still regret that I didn't check the map properly during the trip.

We saw the following nature this day.

- Borgarvirki, I don't really know what this was but it was very disappointing although the weather could be one of the reasons for this.

- Grábrók, an old crater.

- Deildartunguhver, hot springs (180 liter per second) that heat up two entire cities.

- Barnafoss, a small but famous waterfall that can be combined with the Hraunfossar waterfall.

- Hraunfossar, this waterfall starts from the rocky wall without a clear source.






We took the old Kaldidalur back to Reykjavik, through the highlands.

We drove up to the Langjökull glacier and had some nice views.


When we arrived in Reykjavik we first went to Perlan to have a proper view over Reykjavik.

View from Perlan

Furthermore we went to the following places in Reykjavik and went to bed aftwards and prepare our suitcases for out flight back the next day.

- Höfði house

- The Sun Voyager (Viking boat monument)


Höfði house

The Sun Voyager


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