Iceland Day 2 - Rob van Praat



The second day we started our day at Þingvellir with spectacular nature and views as you can see above and below.


We continued our trip to Geysir / Stokkur and the waterfall Gullfoss.

Geysir doesn't 'work' anymore, but Stokkur is 100 meter away and blows water into the air approximately every 8 minutes.

Gullfoss is a nice waterfall where you can get very close to the waterval. It's almost like your standing in the waterfall yourself.


Stokkur / Geysir


The last stop of the day was the Kerið crater. This was the first crater we saw and visisted. The sun was going down. Afterwards we drove to our guest house to charge our battery for the next exhausting day.

Kerið crater

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