Iceland Day 4 - Rob van Praat



On day 4 we first went to the Svartifoss waterfall. Last year we already went to Argentina and went to and on the Perito Moreno Glacier, so we decided to skip Skaftafell, as we had to make choices since there's too much to see everywhere.

It took us approximately one hour to get to the waterfall. Once there it was peaceful to watch the water falling down. It was a nice start of the day.


Back on road 1 it seemed that there was a glacier that could easily be reached by car. The road to it however was very uncomfortable with big holes, but our Jimny kept on going without problems leaving normal cars behind. The parking was indeed very close to glacier Svinafelljokull.


Continuing on road 1 we arrived just before the famous Glacier lake. There was another less famous lake and glacier (Fjallsárlón), smaller but also very beautiful.


Before going to the famous glacier lake Jökulsárlón we walked to Diamond Beach where the big icebergs arrive when they're melted and small. There's many small ice crystals on the black sand of the beach.

Diamond beach


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