Iceland Day 8 - Rob van Praat



The next day we visited places near the Myvatn lake, most of it was related tot he Krafla volcanic region. Myvatn stands for musquito and as soon as we got out of the car we knew where the name of the lake came from. The musquito's don't bite, but they're very annoying, constantly flying around your face. It was even difficult to take picture without musquito's.

The first stop was Grjótagjá. Easily reachable by car. Water with temperatures to high to dip in (above 40 degrees Celcius). Very steamy.


After the Grjótagjá we went to the Viti in the Krafla area. It looked quite similar to the Viti of the Askja vulcano.

Near the Viti there was an area with hot springs/mud. The smell was gross at times.

Krafla Viti

A parking place a few hundred meters away from the Viti gave access to the lava field Leirhnjukur. We walked through the lava field which was still smoldering at some places.


Also part of the Krafla area is the geothermal field Hverir / Námaskarð. Is right near road 1 and it's possible to park a few meters from the action. The smell was gross.

Hverir / Námaskarð

Afterwards we went to the Hverfjall volcano. We learned this was quite a unique volcano as there are only a few volcanos like this in the world. Three in total, of which two are on Iceland next to each other. The other one is located in Hawaii. It's so special, because it's completely made from ashes.


From Hverfjall it was a few minutes driving to Dimmuborgir. This is a field with lava formations with several walking trails. We only took a short one, as time was flying by this day and we weren't done yet.


The next stop was also only a few minutes awai, Höfði. Not that impressive, but just nice to see. There was a short trail to the top of the peninsula. Afterwards we went to out guest house to take a dip in the hot tub (outside).


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